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        Hastie and co derails another overreach by Home Affairs

        Home Affairs tried to lay the groundwork for a new national mass surveillance scheme. A parliamentary committee spotted it and killed it.

        New leader struggles to restore Treasury’s battered reputation

        The new head of Treasury appeared at Senate estimates this week, with the tough task of restoring his department's diminished reputation. So how did he do?

        A beginner’s guide to Angus Taylor

        Energy Minister Angus Taylor finds himself in the middle of a political scandal. And it's far from the first time.

        Scott Morrison’s celebrity obsession is running wild

        Scott Morrison has made a number of high-profile captain's calls — most of which appear to be his favourite celebs.

        It turns out you can put a positive spin on the climate crisis

        In Senate estimates this week, a senior Department of Environment official spruiked the supposed benefits of climate change. God help us all.

        Our new national arts policy still offers nothing for the little guys

        There's a growing resentment in the arts sector, and Australia’s cultural ministers just ensured it will continue growing for at least the next decade.

        Is Andrews’ latest appointment good news for Labor Right?

        We hear that the Andrews government — an ostensibly Socialist Left outfit — is not promoting one of their own as chief of staff...

        How do we fix drought relief policy?

        Crikey readers discuss drought relief for farmers, and press freedom.

        Labor to refer travel document scandal to police

        Labor to refer travel document scandal to police

        Good morning, early birds. Fallout from the Sydney council 'forged' document scandal grows, and UK police continue their investigation into 39 migrants found dead in a truck container. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

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        The sucker-punch that never landed

        CHAPTER FOUR: Journalists were trying to land a story about George Christensen's travel for months. As soon as they did, it was framed as a beat-up. Inq takes a look behind the scenes.


        The view from NQ: who gives a shit?

        CHAPTER FIVE: The George Christensen travel saga made big waves 'down south'. But how do the people in his north Queensland electorate feel about it?


        Why did the government declare war on the AAT? To uphold ‘community standards’

        CHAPTER ELEVEN: The government justifies its reshaping of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal by claiming it brings it into line with 'community standards'. For some seeking the tribunal's judgement, the changes could mean life or death.


        Inside the mind of the paedophile priest

        CHAPTER ONE: Almost 1900 child sexual abusers have been identified in?Australian Catholic churches. The average victim was under 12.?What led people to commit such horrible crimes on such a staggering scale???

        Also trending

        The tabloid giant trying to kill Ronan Farrow’s new Me Too book

        Dylan Howard has threatened defamation action, and Amazon are running scared. It's an interesting move from someone who's made a career trashing other people's reputations.

        Behind the scenes of BuzzFeed’s investigation into NOW

        The alleged failings of Tracey Spicer's Me Too organisation were exposed last week by a BuzzFeed investigation. Crikey takes a look at how the story unfolded.

        A Steller collapse: big names, monied families, lots of pain

        The Steller Property Group has gone bust, owing investors millions of dollars. How did it all go so badly?

        The thoughts of Chairman Pete

        Peter Costello blames central banks for creating populism. Alas, the blame lies a little closer to home.

        The amnesiacs’ interest rate inquiry

        People in Canberra have short memories, but do we really need another inquiry into why the banks don't pass on interest rate cuts?

        Ponying up on interest rates

        There is now such a serious level of under-confidence in interest rates that it suggests something a bit more than just mere wobbles.

        The government can still end Australia’s lost years of economic growth

        Australia's new normal is low growth, low interest rates, low inflation and low productivity. The government needs to act before low employment joins the list.


        อุบลคิดส์ ซิตี้

        The shadow treasurer served at the knee of Wayne Swan. He’s at one with the former treasurer. He’s Obi-Swan Kenobi.?


        The prime minister likens Labor’s Jim Chalmers to a?Star Wars character?(er, who wants?to tell him Obi-Wan was one of the good guys?).


        The devil comes to Annapolis

        This week in Side View: modern Ottomans, hardly working on your social skills, and his satanic majesty comes to Annapolis.


        Australia’s rising racehorse hypocrisy

        The confused outrage over mistreatment of horses reveals more concerning things about our cultural psyche than we may want to admit.

        Farmers expose the pointless unreality of drought politicking

        While the government squabbles over who gets the credit for handouts to farmers, farmers themselves are calling for an end to ad hoc policy that discourages preparedness for drought.

        The Australian’s Holy War against Kristina Keneally continues

        Labor's Home Affairs spokesperson is seriously copping it from News Corp again.

        The man we left behind

        The Australian media this week launched a vociferous public campaign decrying attacks on journalists and whistleblowers. But what about Julian Assange?

        What is the ABC for?

        Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

        Why are so many people still buying porn mags?

        Someone needs to tell them about the internet...

        Talk about talkback: who’s for breakfast at the ABC in 2020?

        As the ABC teases new radio appointments, Crikey gets some hints about movements yet to be made.

        Behind the scenes of BuzzFeed’s investigation into NOW

        The alleged failings of Tracey Spicer's Me Too organisation were exposed last week by a BuzzFeed investigation. Crikey takes a look at how the story unfolded.

        Where did Australia’s Right To Know come from?

        The Right To Know campaign made a huge splash across Australia's mainstream papers this week. But this is hardly the group's first outing.

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